A healthy lifestyle and relationship with food begins at home, in infancy. The aim of weaning.ie is to help you achieve this with your baby. As a practicing Paediatric Dietitian and Mum to two young children, I have the passion, training, personal and professional experience to guide you through the important process of feeding babies and children. I am completely independent.


I started weaning.ie two years ago. I booked a room in Bewley’s Hotel, Dublin Airport and had 3 Mums and babies for my first class (two of which were friends!). Shortly after my Dad was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer so I decided to put everything on hold. In September 2016 I started up again. 


As a Paediatric Dietitian in a children’s hospital, Weaning.ie came about from meeting countless numbers of stressed and confused parents. Parents were putting more effort than ever into how and what they fed their babies, yet things were not going to plan. Babies were referred with preventable problems like constipation, underweight / overweight, iron deficiency anaemia, fussy babies, windy babies, maybe/maybe not intolerant to something babies the list goes on…. I was also seeing older children with food related problems and I wished I could turn the clock back to prevention.


Parents were always relieved to have an honest, evidenced based conversation with a Qualified and Experienced Paediatric Dietitian. Not only hearing the correct advice but also the rationale behind it, eased parental stress. Then I thought, wouldn’t it make far more sense if parents got this advice early on in the weaning process so that these problems could be prevented? 


The baby feeding, baby food industry is booming these days. There is advice everywhere on how and what to feed your baby. How do you decide who is selling you something or who is actually thinking of your baby’s growth and development. As a Registered Dietitian with the INDI (www.indi.ie) and CORU (www.CORU.ie), I am obliged to give only the correct and evidenced based advice.


GP’s and Public Health Nurses are rushed off their feet. As much as they would love to talk to you about how and what to feed your baby, they simply have too much else to do. 


A healthy diet for a baby is not the same as a healthy diet for an adult. I believe your baby should eat what you eat, once you know how to adapt what you eat. 


Most parents attend an antenatal class to get them through the birth and the first 6 weeks. Weaning.ie is here to help guide you through starting solids and going on to feed a family.


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Thanks for reading!