Have you ever had an older relative say ‘in my day there was no fussy eating, they just ate what we ate?’ This is something I often think about. I have met so many parents of fussy children that say ‘ I wouldn’t mind but I cooked everything from scratch when they were a baby, I used all the recipes from ……. ……, she’s good isn’t she?’

Before the queen of baby recipes started selling all those baby books in the 1990’s most babies were eating what their parents were eating. The sweetest thing in a meal was usually a carrot. Suddenly the world started adding pureed pear/ apple/ apricot and mango to baby meals. Babies no longer ate porridge, they ate apple and date porridge. Foods that were not previously in a parents shopping basket became the baby food staples. Today we have added agave syrup, coconut sugar and maple syrup into the ‘sweet flavoured’ mix. 

If you take a step back and think about this – we are unintentionally educating our children’s palate to want sweet foods, sweet meals and sweet drinks – not really a recipe for success. My suggestion to you is – make a list of all the foods that you usually eat. Which of these are suitable for your baby? These are the foods to start with. Mix them up whatever way you like, your baby knows no better – start simple and add to it. If you learn about the nutrients that your baby needs you are onto a great start. 

The foods, tastes and flavours that your baby is eating at 9 months is indicative of what they will be eating at 5 years old. Weaning/ complementary feeding is about teaching your baby’s taste buds to like tastes that aren’t sweet and aren’t salty. You are starting with a blank canvas, try not to make it a sweetened one. 

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