I often hear from parents who are stressed as their toddler is refusing meals. Often food refusal has nothing to do with the food and remember every child goes through a period of food refusal – especially the during the toddler years!

Here is one of my experiences:

Dinner wasn’t going very well & I realised the number of distractions there were going on – the radio was on, the tv was on in the next room, the extractor fan was on & the others were playing hide & go seek 🤪. Once I toned everything down & the rest of us sat down she ate much better.

If your baby or toddler refuses a meal or food give it again at the next meal/ next day – you’ll be surprised by the difference it makes! Refusal could be due to too many distractions, tired, about to do a poo, full from milk, getting teeth – or another example in my house was the sippy cup had split & my lady was cold & wet – would you eat if you were sitting in wet clothes?

Bottom line is – it’s not always the food that is the problem and if your baby or toddler is going through a period of fussy eating – put away the recipe books and get right back to basics!