Can my baby eat what I eat?

In general the answer to this is yes – however there are certain things we need to keep in mind. The salt & sugar content of foods, their age and textures for example ( all covered in the Weaning Masterclass).


Do I need to change what I eat?

Lots of parents consider weaning the perfect opportunity to make a few changes to what they eat. Having said that there are likely lots of foods that you eat that will be fine for your baby.

Someone else’s recipes teaches your baby to eat someone elses food! For this reason I don’t encourage parents to by any baby or weaning recipe books. Instead look at what you eat. Teach your baby to enjoy the foods that you enjoy – but do learn how to do it safely.


What about When I eat?

Parents often eat after baby has gone to bed but research continually shows that babies and children that eat with other people eat better. It is also a huge time for learning – language development, socialisation and much more.

Also baby will be easier to eat out with or bring to other people’s houses if they are used to eating with other people!

So, try and protect some time for family meals during your week. It doesn’t have to be dinner all the time, breakfast works well too. Actually babies and toddlers often eat best at breakfast but more on that later.


What I eat Chart:

I have developed this chart to help you create a list of all the foods that you and your family enjoy to eat regularly.

Think of all the different food groups, which foods are you keen for your baby to enjoy? What foods will make your life easier?

Remember what you baby is eating at 9 months is indicative of what they will be eating age 5 years! Avoid all salty or processed foods.

Consider what is in season? The food calendar will help!