Planning your weaning journey makes it all easier in the long run. By using my Weaning Food Chart you can list all the foods that you like to eat. Vegetable first weaning will help you work towards the ingredients in recipes such as this Bolognese.

Ideally we introduce one new food at a time – a new food with a previously tolerated food is fine. Introducing the potential allergens is different and this needs to be done with at least 72 hours in between. I cover this in my Weaning Masterclass if you would like to know more.

At 6 months the natural stores of nutrients that our babies were born with are starting to deplete. Iron is one of these. Iron deficiency anaemia is very common among toddlers. As iron carries oxygen around the body, deficiency can affect your baby’s growth & development – in severe cases irreversibly.
The good news is it is really easy to prevent – if we include iron rich foods in weaning.

Contrary to popular belief green leafy veg are a good source of iron if you don’t have high requirements, have big stomachs & can eats lots of them – none of which babies have. Hence vegetarian or vegan diets aren’t encouraged in children- it is possible but needs careful analysis. Obviously we still want baby to eat green veggies 🥬& like the taste of them.

Animal sources of iron are the most easily absorbed & the most concentrated so suit babies needs & appetite & allow for periods of sickness/ when they are off their food.

I used this bolognese about 3 or 4 times per week throughout weaning & during periods of rapid growth. I made a batch and then froze in ice cube trays so it was easy and quick to defrost. I served with baby pasta, potato, cous cous etc.


A few spoons of Rapeseed Oil

Lean beef mince 250/300g

Passata/ fresh or tinned tomatoes (check ingredients – avoid salt),

Red lentils (about a handful)

Add whatever vegetables your baby has tolerated – think garlic, onions, celery etc NB – must be blitzed.

Dried Herbs.


  1. I like to make the sauce first – fry the garlic, onion, whatever other veg you are using in the oil.

  2. Add the dried herbs, the passata or tins of tomatoes.

  3. Add the red lentils.

  4. Fry the beef in a separate pan until browned.

  5. Add to the sauce.

  6. Simmer for 20-30minutes. If it is too thick you can add more fluids (water) .

  7. You can blitz the sauce before or after adding the beef – depending on the texture that you are aiming for.

  8. You can see how I managed this on my Instagram.

    Let me know how you get on!