By Cathy Monaghan MSc, H.Dip, RD & Nicola O’Byrne IBCLC.

Are you struggling to find the right balance between breastfeeding and introducing solids to your baby?

Our new online course, where we dive deep into the topic of balancing breastfeeding and solids is exactly what you need!

You get instant access here and you are also invited to a free live webinar to ask the questions that matter to you! We want to ensure that both breastfeeding and introducing solids go smoothly for you and your baby.


What have other parents said?

This was such an incredibly useful class. I thought I had found all the information I needed for weaning but found I had not once the class started! The session gave me all the answers and confidence I need to continue with weaning. Thank you both for the practical advice and for pitching the session/ tone perfectly.

I was thinking of starting to wean BF to prepare for going back to work. I now feel confident that I can balance both and continue for much longer. Thank you both for this webinar, I actually feel slightly emotional that I’II be able to carry on for longer than I thought.

Thank you both so much for this session, I found both parts very helpful and it seemed like exactly what I needed at just the right time.

Thanks so much for a fantastic webinar.

Many thanks for yesterdays helpful and practical. I work as a GP so will be sure to recommend to patients in future.


Breast milk contains all the nutrients that your baby needs for the fist six months. The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 month old before introducing solids. In Ireland, the FSAI recommend that we introduce solid food ‘at around 6 months’ or when your baby is developmentally ready. We discuss this in more detail in our online course.


How important is starting solids?

Starting solids is an important milestone for your baby. 6 -12 months is considered the feeding window. Introducing solid foods gives an opportunity to progress with tastes, textures and the enjoyment of food. Eating solid foods is a milestone in social and ormotor development.

‘What your baby is eating at 9 months is indicative of what they will be eating age 5’ The American Academy of Paediatrics.


Who is presenting?

Nicola O’Byrne IBCLC

from and

Cathy Monaghan RD, will answer all your questions on establishing your breastfed baby on Solid food.

Cost is redeemable from health insurers*.


As this is a live event you can ask the questions that matter to you.

How beneficial is human milk after 6 months to baby?

Will starting solids make my baby sleep better?

How do I know my baby is ready for weaning?

How do I schedule breastfeeding solids food?

How often should they poo?

What other fluids should me baby have? How much?

What first foods are best? How do you introduce solid foods?

How do I know my babies are getting enough?

How often should new foods be introduced?

How much Iron rich foods does baby need? How often should I offer?

What is a portion size?

What finger foods are best?

What is the best baby food?

What should we aim to achieve in the first year?

Can I prevent food allergies?

How can I ensure my baby has a health microbiome?

How often should I offer breastmilk to a 1 year old baby?

Is there an age when you should stop breastfeeding your child?

*As we are both Qualified and registered professionals this event is redeemable from your health insurance. Check your policy.