The weaning and feeding toddlers online masterclasses

My name is Cathy, founder of and for 15 years I have supported families as a Senior Paediatric Dietitian in Children’s Health Ireland @ Temple Street. As a Mum of 3, I am here to educate, empower and enable YOU to feed your children what they need without unnecessary cost, time, tantrums or guilt.

Pick from my weaning or toddler masterclass and get access to my knowledge, recipes and support whenever you need to access it.

The Weaning Masterclass

The Toddler Masterclass


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Is the cost redeemable from health insurance?

Yes, check your policy for Dietitian. Once you enrol please ask us for a health insurance receipt.

Is the class live?

The class is delivered in 32 bite sized videos that I recorded specifically with you in mind. Video content means they are available to you 24/7. Each section also has PDF resources and cheat sheets that you can download. We moved from a live to a prerecorded format in 2022 but still have monthly live catch ups.

How is it different / Better than other courses?

As a registered Paediatric Dietitian I have spent nearly 20 years seeing the consequences of parents being given the wrong information. Well meaning experts, sharing well meaning opinions… my frustration led me to create this course especially for YOU!

My course is designed to help YOU feel confident and empowered all on your own!

What age is the course for?

My courses are specifically developed to help you feed your family with evidenced based essentials. You don’t have to wait until you are running into problems to purchase, start watching whenever you are ready to learn and prevent the problems!

How long do I have access for?

You have access for exactly 1 year from the date of purchase. I have designed the courses so that you can learn what you need and move on with your life! 

Do we have access to the monthly guest speakers?

Yes you are invited to all our guest speaker talks on everything from maternal health to sleep and child development. The recordings of previous talks are available too!


Because early life is the foundation of nurturing a lifelong positive relationship with food and my courses are where this starts.

Over 5 years parents have taken my courses live, and now they are available for YOU at the click of a button.