How much should my baby eat?

How much should my baby eat?

The amount of food your baby should eat depends on their age, weight, and individual needs. Here are some general guidelines to get you started. Please remember that there are no nutritional aims from food until your baby is over 7 months. Rather than focus on how much your baby is eating, I encourage you to think about the variety they are being exposed to.

What is variety?

When I say variety I don’t mean fancy recipes, I mean variety in terms of:

  • what flavours are on offer? Is your baby tasting bitter, sweet, savoury flavours?
  • what temperature of foods are on offer? Is everything the same temperature or are you offering tastes at a variety of temperatures.
  • what colours are on offer? Are you stirring everything together or is you baby seeing all different colours of foods?
  • is baby getting to feed themselves and touch a variety of textures?
  • is baby getting to experience the feeling of different textures in their mouth? (This does mean choking hazards).

Focusing on the eating experience at this stage will help and your baby later on.

From 7 months:

Our aim from 7 months is that baby starts to make progress with the solid food in their diet. Milk (breast or formula) is still as important as before but we are moving towards a stage where the balance between food and milk begins to shift.

Is my baby eating enough?

As long as your baby growing well and tracking their centiles and they are progressing with a variety of flavours, colours, tastes and textures they are most likely eating enough.

Do I need to measure the portions on offer?

Your baby’s appetite will change based on growth, teething, illness and more. As a result their intake will vary day to day. We can support and guide you to be a responsive feeder. This will help you raise your baby to be an intuitive eater. There is no evidence to suggest that measuring what you are offering or what your baby is eating is of any benefit. Understanding your baby’s hunger and fullness cues & nutritional requirements is a better approach for both you and your baby.

Consult Your Dietitian.

Every baby is unique, and their needs can vary. If you have concerns about your baby’s growth, weight, or eating patterns please consider a 1:1 consultation.

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