Monthly Guest Professionals

All members of The Weaning And Toddler Masterclass will be invited to attend each talk.

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Previous Speakers.


Eimear from – Minding Mum, Looking After Your Pelvic Floor.

Nicola from – The Big Breastfeeding Quiz

Lyndsey from – Looking after your little ones teeth.

Lorraine from – Looking after your family’s gut health.

Ann from @pooandthelooConstipation in babies and toddlers- why is it so common?

Sheena from – Eczema, dermatitis & skincare in the Sun.

Jo from – What is keeping me stuck in binge eating?

Ciara from – Top Tips for Sleep.

Niamh Burn from – Prolapse, What is it and what can we do to help?

Emer O’Driscoll – Intuitive Eating & Raising Intuitive Eaters.

Dr. Claire Conlon from – Understanding behaviour, what is your child trying to tell you.

Dr Rita Galimberti from – Bladder Problems after birth.

Emer O’Driscoll – Nutrition for Fertility.