By Cathy Monaghan RD MINDI Paediatric Dietitian.

Just incase you feel weaning should be all plain sailing and a beautiful joyous experience – I thought I’d be honest!

Weaning can be tough! At around the 6 month baby mark, I think our exhaustion levels peak & lots of us are getting ready to go back to work too! It is unfortunate that solids are introduced at roughly the same time! When I see weaning/ recipe books the perfection blows my mind.

My least favorite part of weaning is the mess! When your baby learns to write they need to scribble first. The mess in weaning is the scribble equivalent! I found that the coverall bibs restricted my baby’s movement so I went with the mess & changed her clothes afterward ( & occasionally hosed down the highchair!).

The mess is essential – it encourages a sensory experience see, touch, taste, smell. It says it’s ok to have fun, to explore, it encourages a safe & relaxed atmosphere – all essential elements in helping your child enjoy their food!

Remember – alot of what your baby eats will go everywhere so please don’t spend too long worrying about portion sizes! I cover this and lots more in my Weaning Masterclass!