A common question I am asked is ‘Should I use only wholegrains for my baby?’

The short answer is ‘No’.

The long answer is…. 

  1. A baby’s digestive system is much smaller than an adult. As adults we are trying to stay fuller for longer. In general babies double their length and triple their birth weight by one year. As their stomach is small, about 150mls capacity at 6 months, we need to choose foods wisely. 

  2. If your baby fills up on wholegrain foods they could stay too full for too long and not have an appetite for their next meal/milk feed. This is one reason why wholegrains are not encouraged in under 2’s. We do want your baby to like the taste of wholegrains so therefore using a variety of foods is a good idea but don’t rely totally on wholegrains. 

  3. Wholegrains and Bran contain ‘Phytates’ and these are know to interfere with the absorption of Iron and Calcium so this is another reason not to fill your baby up on wholegrains. 

‘Til next time, Cathy.