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The Toddler Masterclass Membership was developed specifically for parents & guardians of children 1-5 years.

My online masterclass covers everything you need to know about the next phase of feeding your baby.

Fussy Eating and food refusal can start from about 14 months. Perhaps your toddler is already at the fussy phase:

Are you worried your toddler isn’t eating enough?

Do you long for family meals that are relaxed and based around connection?

Do you struggle to know what to feed your toddler?

Do you dread mealtimes?

Are you afraid to eat out with your toddler or bring them to someone else’s home?

Do you know what kind of feeding style you have as a parent? Is it helping or hindering your toddler at mealtimes?

Let me, help you create the

mealtimes you dream of.

You’ll also be invited to monthly coaching calls with me! (Or a Cuppa with me as I prefer to call it!)

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You will be invited to our 12 FREE monthly guest speaker talks – registered health care professionals discussing maternal health and child development.

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