By Cathy Monaghan MSc, H.Dip, RD.

Help! I’ve no idea how to start my child on solids?

Weaning, How to Start?

I often get messages from Mums saying:

FTM, Help! I have no idea where to start with weaning!

Well that is exactly the reason why I am here! After 15 years in a children’s hospital I was getting disheartened by meeting so many family that were overwhelmed with food and feeding issues. I knew I needed to reach families before the problems began and share what you really need to know about feeding your baby, not what the experts are telling you you need to know.

Weaning, How to start.

Before you buy a bowl, beaker or spoon take some time to think about what you are trying to achieve. This isn’t ‘starting your baby on solids’ this is:

  • The beginning of their relationship with food

  • 20+ years of eating with your child

  • Educating your child’s taste buds

  • Preventing problems


Weaning, what not to do!

There are thousands of weaning books available. Recipe books that have sold millions of copies! I have met the parents that have used all these books and there is a common theme.

  • The child doesn’t eat what the family eats,

  • Time poor parents are getting stressed at mealtimes trying to make separate meals.

  • Parents find themselves in the exact situation they were trying to avoid.

Weaning, what I suggest you do!

I have developed this workbook to help you plan your weaning journey.

I ask you the questions the you have not thought about.

All the resources I have developed are part of my Weaning Masterclass if you would prefer to do that.