What I know for sure is ….. that family food and feeding is the biggest parenting tool we have.

I’ve always loved food – anyone that knows me will tell you that! I love what food does, it brings us together. It can pause life and help us reconnect. It helps us grow, feel good and support our bodies to do all we need them to do. Good food and feeding practices play a long term role in our physical and mental health and that of our children.

During my 15+ years as a Senior Paediatric Dietitian with CHI I worked with hundreds of parents. Every parent wants the best for their child. I say parents, but when it comes to food it is mainly Mums that shoulder the responsibility. From the Mums in hotel accommodation trying to feed their kids on a shoestring to the breadwinning Mums that are juggling kids and a career, we all want what is best.

But, this is where it gets complicated….

Because we care so much, we are vulnerable to misinformation. The baby food and beverage market is the fastest growing food and beverage market in the world. Books, apps, pouches, accessories and much more often end up confusing things rather than improving family meal times. It is big business getting a product into your shopping trolley.

‘No guilt’, ‘no nasties’, ‘homecooked’, ‘Weaning Experts’, ‘100% natural’, ‘nothing added but fruit’, ‘Great for fussy eaters’ all sound great but really you are not being told the full story. ( I often think the marketeers don’t realise that what they are marketing isn’t what they think it is).

I am me. I am registered and regulated. I can’t make anything up. Everything I say is based on scientific evidence and professional experience. My ‘why’ is to share that with you. Whether you are cooking on a shoestring or have someone to do it for you I want you to know what and how to feed your family. I have developed my Weaning and Toddler Masterclasses to give you the tools you need to enjoy food with your kids. While also knowing you are meeting all their nutritional needs.

My ‘why’ is that your family meals bring you together. That family meals are a ‘parenting tool’ and not the hassle you are led to believe they are. If you would like to share your why, I would love to hear it.

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